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About Wegdam Food Link

Wegdam Food Link BV is a young company run by experienced people. Our company is based in Haaksbergen, in the east of the Netherlands. Started in 2009 we have grown fast in the global food business. With our worldwide sourced quality food products, we serve customers across three continents. Besides supplying the eastern part of Europe and East Asia, our focus is mainly on the markets of (West) Africa.

For more information about our services and products, you can contact us by phone at +31 5347 85648 or by email: info@wegdamfood.com  

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Latest Blogs


December 16th, 2016 EN | FR | NL Guerlesquin France, Haaksbergen The Netherlands. Privately owned WEGDAM HOLDING BV announced ...

15-12-2016 Blog 0

Opening solar powered coldstore Tema fishing harbour

Last Thursday the 1st of December, Dutch ambassador Ron Strikker, officially opened our solar powered cold store in the fishing ha...

08-12-2016 Blog 0

WFL at SIAL Paris 2016

From 16 till 20 October we were exhibiting at SIAL Paris 2016 in France. SIAL is the largest food innovation exhibition in the wor...

02-11-2016 Blog 0

Photo store Ghana

In December 2015 WML started building another Give and Take Coldstore in Ghana. This one in Tema is the second of three cold store...

14-10-2016 Blog 0

Soccer shirts for Benin youth

For soccer teams in Cotonou and Porto Novo in Benin we managed to supply shirts for several teams. These teams are now playing in ...

05-02-2016 Blog 0

New coldstore in Tema (Ghana)

Solar powered cold store in Tema (Ghana)In December 2015 WML started building another Give and Take Coldstore in Ghana. This one i...

12-01-2016 Blog 0

Hospital and school equipment for Ghana

WML is currently shipping a 40'ft container with donated goods to a hospital and a school in Ghana. With the help of our local Dut...

29-09-2014 Blog 0

Weg naar Ghana

Students of the Twickel College in Hengelo (NL) have raised over € 11,000 in the past school year for schools in Ghana. This ...

29-08-2014 Blog 0

WML ambassador of Oxfam Novib

Wegdam Meat Link is proud to be an ambassador of Oxfam Novib, a world-wide development organization. Oxfam Novib – a Dutch o...

28-04-2014 Blog 0

Our brands

Wegdam Food Link can deliver poultry, meat, fish and dry-food of the well-known brands underneath. We are the sole distributors of the brands Nana, Chef Special, Family and Fancy Fish.

  • Panama
  • Oil Prices
  • Nature First
  • Infinity Group